• Single Churro

    Single Churro Rolled in Cinnamon Sugar


  • Four (4) Churros

    Four (4) Churros Rolled in Cinnamon Sugar


  • Three (3) Drizzled Churros

    Drizzled with chocolate or dulce de leche


  • Filled churro with Nutella

    A single churro filled with Nutella

  • Churro Bites

    Topped with strawberries, banana, Nutella and whipped cream.

  • Churros Ice Cream Sandwich

    With a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.


  • Savory Churros

    Three (3) Churros loaded with cheese and bacon served with sliced jalapeños on side.

  • $6 Dollar Combos

    Two (2) churros with one (1) of the following drinks:

    Mexican Coffee (Hot or Iced)

    Coffee with cinnamon.

    A cold drink made of rice, water, cinnamon, vanilla and sugar.

    Mexican Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate with a Mexican twist using cocoa, cinnamon and sugar.

    Spanish Style Chocolate
    A thick chocolate to dunk your churros in.

  • Drinks

    Individual Drinks_____________$4.00

    Bottled Water_____________ $2.00